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Top 3 Tips For Buying An LCD TV

 by: Amy Metz

I want a larger screen and so do you. There is absolutely no reason for this wanting except for the feeling of power that a large screen gives you. I have no idea why it is, but we all seem to want a larger screen for our TVs these days. The question is, how to get a good deal on an LCD TV without paying a fortune. Let's give you our top 3 tips on buying an LCD TV.

1)Don't buy a used one if you don't have to. The funny thing about these TVs is that their prices drop significantly every month and that if you just wait a little longer, the price you'll pay for a new TV is probably not going to be too far off from the price that you are going to pay for a used one. A little patience might actually save you some dollars here.

2)Compare features, not just prices. One of our favorite places to go to compare prices on LCD Tvs is Consumer Reports was rating different items way before the internet even become popular. Remember buying your first real car? I do. And I went straight to Consumer Reports to find out that the Honda Accord was the car to buy (and still is according to CR). Shopping for a high end LCD Tv shouldn't be any different than shopping for a new car. All the resources are at your disposal, so give it a try. I'm sure you can find some gems of information at CR regarding your LCD Tv purchase.

3)HD is coming, don't miss out. High definition television has allegedly been "right around the corner" for years. Well, that time may finally have arrived. Some LCD Tvs come HD ready and some do not. Make sure your new LCD TV supports HD so that when it is finally popularized, you can watch the programs utilizing this latest technology.

And by the way, why would someone want to buy an LCD TV over a "Plasma". And what is a plasma? Are they different than LCDs? Basically yes. The big difference is that they use different technologies to deliver a picture. Both have pros and cons. However, both deliver a large screen experience to the user.


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Amy Metz is a contributing author for We feature all sort of articles on lcd tvs at Don't buy an LCD TV without reading up on them first.



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